In the world of heavy hauling, the backbone lies in the robust trucks designed to tackle any challenge thrown their way. These behemoths of the road, armed with sheer power and unwavering resilience, stand as a testament to our capabilities. From hauling material across long distances to navigating complex terrain, our trucks epitomize reliability and endurance. It’s our commitment to overcoming obstacles with unwavering determination. With brand new fleet of incredible rigs, we’re ready to take on any task, no matter the magnitude.

Double Bottoms

Double Bottom dumps are lightweight trucks & trailers specialized for max tonnage of aggregates. The design of double bottom trucks enables them to carry larger volumes of freight, making them particularly most cost efficient for aggregate transportation. They are commonly used in transporting material such as rock, sand, gravel and more. Their operational flexibility and ability to distribute materials precisely make double-bottom dumps valuable assets in construction, road maintenance, and other applications requiring controlled material placement.

Semi-Bottom Dumps are a heavier duty set up made for moving dirt or sand & gravel. The distinctive feature of semi-bottom dump trucks is their ability to carry heavy duty material with a large capacity. The setup of these trucks requires skilled drivers due to their increased length and handling complexities, ensuring safety and precise maneuvering on the roads to get to your job in a timely manner.


Super-tag Dump TruckS

Super-tag dump trucks are made to do anything from backing up to an asphalt paver, to delivering sand for underground project needs. The “super-tag” designation typically refers to the configuration of the truck, which includes multiple axles and a tag axle that provides extra support and weight distribution. The increased load capacity and improved weight distribution offered by super-tag dump trucks make them suitable for applications where time and efficiency are key.

End Dumps are built to haul large rocks, demo concrete, waste, clean up and other material. End dumps are heavy-duty and feature a hydraulic-operated open-box bed that tilts at the rear end, allowing the contents to be swiftly unloaded at the desired location. End dump trucks come in various sizes and configurations, offering different load capacities to suit specific job requirements. Their simplicity in operation, combined with the capability to transport and unload various materials efficiently, makes them essential assets in industries relying on the transportation of large material.

End Dump Trucks

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